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Southcoast Moving Storage and Property Management LLC



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(508) 984-4111

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Because I keep noticing more and more gone first of all I just moved my stuff from One locket to another and I have mention this all to the owner before and he made me feel awful I’m a very depressed person and I was starting to really become to hoard stuff but all new new stuff I had a 1200 scooter stolen from his employees and I had 600 dollar pan set missing I had my sons 3000 dollar computer gaming set my sons built all by him self I had a bunch of silver coins that was in 4 bags for the kids and one of the kids passed away we was gonna split it up with the other 3 children and that’s all missing my daughter had a container full of change 20s 5s10s 20s she saved that was hidden in her room they we was hoping to find when we unpacked stuff that’s gone. I had 1000s of dollars with of perfumes gone jackets that was all north face and a Canadian goose parka missing 3 brand new pairs of ugh boots gone he had this all on pictures and got none back I had 300 to 400 dollar blender missine

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Jodie gagnon

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21 23 roper st

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I don’t no where they took it he told me one place ans when we was getting it was I guess at another spot

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