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This company showed up as a 3rd party moving company....did not know that at first. They were 2 hours late. They came to move my 2 bedroom apartment with a van in which they had to take two trips. They did not take all of the things I hired the company to take and they were trying to charge me more. The movers worked by the hour in which part of that was taking smoke breaks and arguing with me about what charging additional fees which were different from my orginal contract. They got into a confrontation with my husband because they would not unload unless we paid them additional fees that were not in the contract. I had to call the police. They put black smudge spots on my brand new less than a year old mattress that they said they would protect and knew how to move, they also put ripped the seam of the mattress. This probably could have been avoided if they hadn't tried to fold both my kings size mattresses in half and taped them folded to try to stuff them in a van. This was a night

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Portia Woodson

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2543 Meridian Parkway Apt 5318 Durham NC 27713

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1173 Jackson Court Creedmoor, NC 27522

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