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(April 19, 2018) I had to move out of state from Texas to Colorado within less than a week due to job opportunity. I had signed up to receive email notification on moving companies. I noticed one called Global Moving Systems (GMS) and gave them a call for information. I spoke to a Darlene in New Jersey who quoted me at first about over $4000.00 to move over 760 square foot of items (2 bedroom). I stated the cost was too high and having another company who offered $2500.00. She gave me a family discount (since this was a family company) and another discount which brought it down to about $2783.00. She also stated that the company I received the deal for was a broker and stated they come out and scam you trying to up the price to move items. I explained I would talk it over with my husband. She gave me a website to go on their site to do some research. She stated their company was NOT a broker and once they offer price it is FINAL and no hidden charges. There's more...

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Rae Rohus-Wells

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Fort Worth, Texas

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Denver, Colorado

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