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Started off by arriving a few hours late. Bc they were late they were unable to move everything in to the new house. They took our belongings back to their storage. I had to ship my children to friends and family bc there was no where for them to sleep. Couches and all were on the truck. We weren't even a priority, they said they would bring it when they could. So another night kids shipped out. Apparently they didn't realize my windows were open during the move. I saw them drop my tanning bed and all 3 throwing out the f bomb. They never mentioned it, so I just waited. When they finally brought my belongings they buried the tanning bed in my garage, my guess hopes I wouldn't notice. Part of it they left outside, didn't even have the decency to put it in the garage. When they completed the move, they brought me papers to sign. Again no mention of smashing the bed. I asked, they denied. So your telling me you didn't. I provided proper documentation in regards to the bed

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Robert stanek

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