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Teddy, the CEO, reached out to me after I filled out an online search for a moving company. We talked back and forth for about a month regarding my move from DAL to LAX. I wanted to hire him to move my furniture. We agreed on a rate of $1400 and I let him know I was flying down to pack up my stuff. We agreed on a date and I sent hi a $460 deposit via cash app. He sent me a deposit receipt & invoice. He told me someone was coming Wednesday and no one came. I had to fly back to LA the next day and I called him he told me someone could come Saturday. I told him my lease was up but finally after asking my brother, he cleared his schedule for Saturday to sign off on the inventory. Teddy told me some one was coming before 2pm-4pm on Saturday. My brother was there and waited and no one ever showed up. He will not answer my calls, texts or emails.

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Coral Turner

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Dallas Tx

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Los Angeles Ca

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