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The whole move was the worst thing ever. The mover showed up in NY with 2 trucks and put all of our thing in 2 trucks. This way we could not see the actual CU. FT. That we should of paid for! When they show up 9 days late in FL, all of our things were on 1/3 of truck!! They over charged us big time! They put our things on 2 trucks in NY with out wrapping them up; the manager said he would wrap them in NJ! When they got to FL, the furniture was all damaged !!! When the truck showed up in FL they would not take anything off truck until we over paid them! The manager told us that he would put on final paper work that we didn't use the amount of CU.FT. That we paid for and that the home office would be reimbursing us the difference. This has never happened after seven months. We filed the claims as instructed for our money back and damaged/missing items and was told that they would give us $64 lol. We were looking for over $5776; we paid for 2716 cu.ft. and only used 1500cu.ft.

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Bill Lucas

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20 Asbury Dr Ithaca NY

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424 Wabash Ct The Villages FL

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