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My items were picked by East Movers dba Priceline Moving & Storage on 4/28/17. As of today, 5/10/17, they are unable to tell me where/when/how soon my shipment will arrive. I have a confirmed delivery ETA of Wednesday, May 10th but have received no word yet. My many issues stem from initial pickup. I was scammed on storage space, which I am waiting a response from the man in charge, David Ford. I was charged TWICE the agreed amount ON THE DAY of move & since then, it's been one delay after the other & excuses starting from the inexperienced sales person (Jimmy) who supposedly forgot MAJOR areas to cover along with conscending treatment from the dispatch, Issac that has a HISTORY of being rude & aggressive. And ending with the jackass district manager, according to him, David Ford. I would to get my things back ASAP & end this relationship with you guys. So, I am waiting find out where my items are & I want to know how much my costs will be adjusted down to compensate me per David Ford

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Rhonda Ware

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1212 Williamsburg Rd

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6634 Tacoma Mall Blvd, Tacoma, WA 98409

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