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I was quoted a price of $1400 for my move & told the move would take place in a 2-3 day window. The driver arrived & increased the price $700. Driver stated the reason for the increase was because I had more items than discussed on the estimate. His definition of more included making single items like a tv stand 4 separate items by removing the shelves. This practice was done on other items. After loading the driver told me he would not be able to deliver it in 2 days as discussed. On day 3 he told me it would be delivered between 6-8pm. When I called he stated he would not make it that night. I attempted to speak with customer service. The rep told me the sale rep was wrong for giving me incorrect information and he would be reprimanded. But she stated she was unable to credit my account for the changes. 2 hrs before delivery last night the driver calls with an additional fee that must be paid in cash which I could not get at that hour so my stuff was delayed again. Still waiting

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Cicely J Kyle

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1850 SE 18th Ave, 1705 Ocala, FL 34471

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2584 Apalachee Run Way, Dacula, GA 30019

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