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My son moved approximately 2 miles from a studio to a 1 bedroom. Prior to his move he was told the cost per hour of 125 for cash and 150 for credit card. After the move was complete to two movers informed us they automatically received a $200 gratuity. I have no problem tipping my movers but $100 each for a $400 move is excessive. My biggest issue with them demanding a tip is my son has been out of work since March 2020, he moved because the rent was cheaper in his new apartment but to have someone take advantage of him when he is literally scraping the bottom of his checking account is insane. There is no where on your site that indicates there is an automatic gratuity and in the midst of this pandemic you should leave it up to the person you are moving. I do not believe these guys only get paid in tips, because their salaries are calculated in the per hour rate. I will be filing additional claims against this company you need to state gratuity is a flat rate in addition.

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C Richardson

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248 Taylor Street San Francisco, CA 94102

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550 Battery Street San Francisco, CA 94111

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