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Cardinal van lines



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(954) 309-4202

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This company is a huge scam. Had move but then the same they the Insigned I had to cancel the move for personal reason. Cancelation within 2 business day is ok based in the contract. Ever since I cancelled tried customer service and get 3 outcomes. They hang up, place me on long holds to the point of giving up, or send me straight to voice mail. The 2 times I was able to to talk to someone one told me that it would take about 10 business day to process. 15 days later I got an email saying I was getting my money. The second time I a was able to contact someone, the person was rude and told me it was the energy line and could not help me. It's been a month later and I'm still waiting for my deposit. I tried contacting sales as another person, and said the cannot help and they contact customer services to give a call back.... Still waiting for that call. If this is me trying get my money back I can't imagine how the customer service would be during an actual move. I willing to bet money t

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diego gutierrez

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6192 North State Road 7, 303 coconut Creek FL 33073

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24000 Van Ry Boulevard Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

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