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my name is Bertha Whitherspoon, It has been a year, because I was coming form Chemotherapy, because and was totally out of it, diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. I have not been able to find a receipt or a document # BOL3704. I hired this company , Less 4 movers, Two movers on May 2019. to the Storage facility. Two Hispanic guys move my furniture, from out of Public Storage in Anaheim. Prior to my move in furniture the storage one year prior(2018). I bought the Refrigerator in the month of May/2018. So, When I finally was able to move in May of 2019., to my new place in Newport Beach., I when I discovered Two Items where Missing Whirpool Stainless French doors. ( four doors) with bottom door, wish I paid $3100. and a Bosch Bluetooth Speker Box, I paid $250.00. I called the Company on April 15,16,17, 2020. I was a Hispanic Guy,, was very rude, and alleged that I was lying. I mad three attempts. As a Result, I got insulted and was called, a Nigger word.

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Bertha Whitherspoon

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look at the reciept, or job number, i got to locate

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Uhaul Public Storage, Anaheim, CA.

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