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Let me start by saying I am a military wife of 23 years and this "Veterans" company has been such a bully and disappointment. My handicapped mom used this company to move my step-dads things from his apartment because he became deathly ill and was hospitalized for months. He is 100% disabled and a 79 year old decorated veteran. When he was finally healthy enough to go to an assisted living place (after battling out of rehab and out of a skilled care nursing home), we went to the storage facility to get his TV to put it in his room. Several small things were damaged and clearly carelessly crammed in, including his big screen TV that had it's screen shattered. Jessica, that the men who had made that move were FIRED because of how they handled everything in our move. We were told several times that they would replace it but eventually then the OWNER (Jonathan Stausser) called and yelled and carried on and said he would NOT be replacing the TV and he wasn't responsible for it.

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Linda and Richard Berglund

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Woodlands Apartments179 Capital Way Atoka, TN 38004

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Munford Mini Storage 80 Munford Ave, Munford, TN 38058

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