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I was already holding a quote on the date 28 April 2017 PFA with the name “ First moving estimate”. Expert Van line offered me that they are best if I add another 500-600$ to the quote then its coverage will be 100% and my items will be with zero deductible. If anything loss or damage they will give me the full cost in the form of $$ with the assurance on 15-20 yrs of exp in doing the same it will never happen to you. I have proof of emails. As per scheduled date they came and ready to pick and showing a document of 30 pages. When I ask time to read that document he mentioned “I came with a truck on your request if you send back (as you need time to read this document) we will charge you 1000$ for today’s visit and will come by with another day but when we don’t know. But You don’t need to worry, this is just formality whatever company as promised you it will be same don’t worry but till now they have not delivered 4000$ worth of materials 1700 worth delivered as broken

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dheeraj kumar bansal

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151 S locust hill dr apt 807 lexington ky 40517

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2000 walnut ave APT F106 fremont CA 94538

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