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Paid this slummy company $1412 to only have our items delivered opened, damaged, stained, and my personal items were stolen. They went through our boxes and found the prize in mine as over $1000's in Nike's, Jordans, Clothing, and designer bags were stolen. I'm so disappointed and I know that it will be a waste of time going through any claims process due to the fact UNIQUE VAN LINES is a very messy and unprofessional organization. I wish this company and all it's employees the very worst that can happen to them in life. I pray a hurricane hits Miami only affecting UNIQUE VAN LINES. I pray UNIQUE VAN LINES suffers horrible lost and the company falls under hard times having to go bankrupt and out of business FOREVER. Lousy distasteful evil and wicked company. People pay hard-earned uneasy to come by money trusting that you will make good on your word and you repay honest trustworthy customers back by stealing from them. Sad!

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Clifford L Holt III

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3733 Haney Rd Dayton, OH 45416

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24323 Jackson Ave Unit 121 Murietta, CA 92562

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