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We used Progressive Relocation for a move in May. We have tried to come to a resolution with them regarding damaged and lost items and have been unsuccessful. After several calls with the sales person, Troy, we established a quote based on a very thorough inventory of our items. When movers came, they told us the total charges would be over double what Troy told us. After pickup, our items were transferred several times even after we were told they would be directly transported to Delaware. Upon arrival, several items were damaged and we were missing at least two boxes. The delivery workers told us we should look over everything and submit a claim later rather than having them wait for us to inventory everything and mark it on their sheet. We have calculated the amount of $900 based on the weight of all damaged items (1500 lbs) times the $0.60 insurance amount that was agreed upon. David (in claims dept) offered us a settlement of $25 for ALL lost and damaged items.

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Ruben and Emily Boumtje Boumtje

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1204 Turnbridge Place, Oviedo, FL 32765

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404 Leo Ln, Bear, DE 19701

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