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The movers in Dallas, TX, who disassembled my ONLY bed, put 3 out 8 screws from the head & base board in the packaging. I was not advised that the screws weren't being sent. The movers in Rio Rancho, were assembling my ONLY bed and came & told me they didn't have all of the screws necessary to put the headboard & base together. I asked if they were going to purchase the needed screws . I was apprised, Sorry mam, no. We have another home for very delivery soon. Both movers went back in the bedroom & failed at putting the head & base up using 3 screws. The connective wood broke. They both apologized and left. The service that I paid for is still incomplete. I am 62 years of age & currently sleeping on the floor since my bed is broken. I will have to buy a new head & base board. Also, I will have to pay for delivery. I have to find and hire laborers to assemble the bed. I will miss time from work a 2nd time to put my ONLY bed together. $850 is my claim. Thank you!

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Karen Street

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8820 Southwestern Blvd Apt 1404 Dallas TX 75206

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1720 Hudson River RD NE Rio Rancho NM 87144

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