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My wife and I cannot express how upsetting and ridiculous this company is. They have not responded to any of our concerns. They have been giving us the run around about our missing belongings for weeks now. The supervisor named Barbara specifically. She is the most crooked person I have ever had to deal with. She has consistently forward our calls, never returns our calls and wont give us any real answer as to what happened to any of our missing belongings. Its almost as if they have stolen them themselves. Barbara has never once made any effort in contacting us or getting any of our missing belongings back to us. Missing items: - 12 year old daughter's twin mattress missing - 10 year son's twin mattress missing - Wife's shoes (total of 3 pairs) missing - 1 part of 3 year old daughter's drawer missing Damaged items: - 3 year old daughters bicycle bent and broken - Broken Dishes - ALL boxes were damaged - 1 Kitchen chair broken - TV stand broken - Bookshelf broken

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Andreas Afoa

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