Can I file a BOC 3 Online

Can I File a BOC-3 Online?

Filing a BOC 3 is a crucial step for securing FMCSA certification. Transportation companies must also name an SOP agent. SOP stands for “service of process.” US federal law demands that the process agent must get designated. This leads to obtaining the FMCSA Operating Authority. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides regulations that affect the trucking industry. That’s why carriers have no choice but to adhere to all regulations. When it comes to keeping authority, businesses have to file a BOC 3 form through the FMCSA. Let’s now discuss what BOC 3 filings are and whether you can file a BOC 3 online.

File Boc 3 online

What Is BOC 3 Filing?

BOC 3 filings refer to the Designation of Agents for Service of Process. This is a federal filing concept in all US states. The BOC 3 filing assigns a process agent. That process agent accepts legal documents on behalf of transportation companies. (And also logistics companies.) This takes place in every state where a transpiration company has authorization. BOC 3 filing's required before transportation organizations get granted with Operating Authority.

Can I File a BOC 3 Online?

Yes, BOC 3 filings have to take place online. But only the process agent can file the BOC 3. This is a rule that applies to all motor carriers. There is an exception if you meet the following two pieces of criteria. 1. You are a freight forwarder or broker. 2. You do not have any commercial vehicles. If both concepts apply to you, then you can file a BOC 3 on your own. And you can file a paper copy of the BOC 3 form.

Filing the BOC 3 Form Online

Are you ready to file a BOC 3 form through the FMCSA website? If so, get ready to supply the following four pieces of information.

  1. The full name of the carrier and the address of the carrier. (This also applies to a freight forwarder or broker.)
  2. The name of the person that’s authorized to sign the BOC 3. The title of the person that’s authorized to sign the BOC 3.
  3. The SOP agent’s name plus each state’s street address. You can either provide a blanket designation or make an individual list.

Blanket designation refers to naming a corporation/association that’s done FMCSA filing. That corporation or association serves as an applicant’s process agent. This concept applies to all US states.

How Long Does It Take to File a BOC 3?

The first step is to complete and file your BOC online through the FMCSA. This does not take long at all. The next step is for the FMCSA to provide Operating Authority to you. They will do so by mailing an Operating Authority document to you. These documents get sent out within three or four business days. Say that ten days have passed since your grant date. And you still haven’t gotten your Operating Authority document in the mail.

You now need to contact the FMCSA. You can check online to see the status of your Operating Authority document. To do so, go to the FMCSA Licensing and Insurance website. Sometimes the BOC 3 needs to get refiled. This happens when one of the following three actions takes place. 1. There is a transfer of authority. 2. There is a name change. 3. There is the reinstatement of the Operating Authority that applies to the motor carrier.

What Is the Cost of BOC 3 Agents?

Do you need to appoint a professional registered agent? If so, the cost of a BOC 3 agent varies. It’s sometimes as low as $20. And sometimes it’s well above $100. It depends on the exact type of service that you need. For example, lots of SOP agents provide extra compliance services. These go beyond standard BOC 3 filing services.

Keep in mind that BOC 3 fee structures can vary. Quite a few process agents charge annual fees with extra charges. Those extra charges relate to every document that gets handled. But other process agents charge a one-time fee for BOC 3 filing. Extra fees often involve address change fees and expedited BOC 3 filing charges. Only use expedited BOC 3 filing services if you need to get your company operating ASAP.

How Do You Become a BOC 3 Agent?

The first step to becoming a BOC 3 agent is contacting a process agent. The process agent can help you file the BOC 3 form through the FMCSA. Keep in mind that the FMCSA can only put one form on file at a time. The form should list every state that applies to agency designations. A broker or carrier can hold onto one copy at the central place of business.

How Much Does a BOC 3 Cost?

The average BOC 3 filing cost is about $20 to $40. Sign a copy of a BOC 3 form for every state where your trucking company operates. Your company should hold onto a copy of the BOC 3 at its main office.

Who Needs a BOC 3?

The following three classifications need to have BOC 3’s on file through the FMCSA. Otherwise, authority is not going to get granted.

  1. US motor carriers.
  2. US freight forwarders.
  3. US brokers. The BOC-3 has one other requirement.

You need the file to reinstate FF and MC numbers that have gotten revoked.

Does a BOC 3 Expire?

No, the FMCSA has made it clear that a BOC 3 does not expire. The BOC 3 remains on every company’s account. It will stay there until someone from a company requests a name change or reinstatement.

Why Do I Need a BOC 3?

The FMCSA demands that transportation and logistics companies must have the Truck authority to operate. The BOC 3 filing is mandatory to ensure the Operating Authority. When it comes to motor carriers, only process agents can file a BOC 3.

Also, BOC 3 filing has to take place online through the FMCSA website.