Keene's Transfer

USDOT # 74345
909 Townline Rd
Tomah, WI 54660-1381
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Additional Phone: (608) 372-4178
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Keene's Transfer is one of the listed movers in your area.
Keene's Transfer can throw your relocation well-situated with movers who may equal with you every footfall of the room.
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On the off chance that any of you, take after my surveys of restaurants...getting 5 stars out of me, is hard.

Our turn was just around 50 miles, however the destination, was a waterway - front apartment suite, in the Dells.

The issue, for the movers, is that there were a few expansive bits of furniture, that needed to go up, into our space room.

They couldn't go up, the winding staircase, so...they must be pulled up, hand over hand.

They made an awesome showing, with not as much as the most modest scratch.

I couldn't be more satisfied, with the execution of their work.

I prescribe them, exceedingly. Use them, and you won't be disappointed...Glen B.

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