Peninsula Transfer

USDOT # 1936402
420 N 14th Ave
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
Sturgeon Bay
Contact Phone: 800-545-6794
Additional Phone: (920) 743-1234
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In spite of different surveys, I have just great things to say in regards to my involvement with Peninsula Transfer. They moved me from Providence to Newport around a month prior. They touched base in the accurate time allotment that they said they would. My road is truly tight and they persistently worked at getting the truck sponsored into the carport. They folks doing the move were awesome. They were well disposed and respectful. My end was somewhat of a fiasco and I really needed to abandon them at my old spot with companions to rushed to my end, planning to advance beyond them. I arrived minutes in front of them. They were incredible about getting everything moved in and in the right rooms/stockpiling amidst a group of young ladies commending my new home. Furthermore, to improve things, not one single thing that was moved was harmed in any capacity. I would profoundly prescribe Peninsula Transfer. Much appreciated guys!!!!!

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