Jacobsons Moving & Storage

USDOT # 70851
PUC # 9188
610 2nd St S # 612
La Crosse, WI 54601
La Crosse
Contact Phone: (800) 658-9024
Additional Phone: (608) 784-8957
Company Site: www.jacobsonsmovingandstorage.com

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Calling on the residential movingspecialists in La Crosse, WI. Jacobson's Moving & Storage LLC haveover 60 years of experience in the moving industry and all staff are professional packers and moving and storage experts. Making a move or transition as easy as possible offering great tips that will make your moving processeasy. The Jacobson team can help you with what ever you need such as packing and unpacking a portion of or all of your household goods . Pack yourself, we have the materials you’ll need to keep your items secure. We are your one stop moving and storage answer in

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Stupendous family-claimed and worked business! The Jacobsons moved my companions' piano without prior warning another piano moving company neglected to appear for their booked arrangement. (Be cautious out there!) The movers were straightforward and auspicious and solid! The workplace is all around made do with gracious callback data gave by Kelly. This business came prescribed to us by expert artists and music instructors and kid were they redress!!!

Kindly don't audit this business on the off chance that you got a freebie for composing this survey, or in case you're associated in any capacity to the proprietor or representatives.

Simply terrible!

Super poor administration! Broke my prized metal light, neglected to inform me immediately. Just at last let it be known when confronted with overpowering confirmation. (This was following 3 days!)

At first then guaranteed to "make the best choice" yet once it was resolved it couldn't be altered, they welched on paying for an accurate substitution. Simply because "It was to costly". Geeze! Not cool!

They continued letting me know they have been doing business for a long time and "this has NEVER happened!" Yeah right! To exacerbate matters they don't secure with legitimate protection.

Actually it is MOVER BE WARE!! Wish they would have made the wisest decision! Be cautious!

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