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Situated in Spokane, WA, we're the neighbor that assists. We're the accomplice that grows your business. We have some expertise in private moves and corporate migrations not restricted to pressing and dispatching. We store and collect, a model we've kept up as specialists of Atlas Van Lines following 1981. For more than thirty years DeVries has secured a huge number of miles overhauling corporate and private moves and giving best in class storerooms.
You could say we go the additional mile. Drop us a line. We'll get from that point
.DeVries Moving Atlas AgentDeVries Moving is a Atlas Agent

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Michelle L

Michelle L


I am just sad that there are insufficient stars to rate this organization!!! I called and identifies with three AMAZING individuals who regardless of what their position inside of the organization were useful, kind, and thoughtful to what another organization in their industry had done to my crew. Russ gave me a greater amount of his time with no surety of making $1 from me than the organization that we had an agreement with for two months. Alright here is our story. We contracted with a "moving" organization to move our little girl, child in-law, and granddaughter, (and grandson in transit) to move from Spokane, WA to Colonial Heights, VA on 3/30/2015. This is NOT an adaptable date as they are traveling to VA 3/31/2015, lease is up at condo, and they were finished. Long story short, after my girl called them (CROSS STATE MOVING) and my various telephone calls @ 6:00 pm 3/30/2015 they said find another mover we are wiping out the agreement. As you could envision!!! One telephone call was all it took to DeVries and they were paying some dues. I really feel as if they were pretty much as annoyed as we were!! They could complete the proceed onward 4/1/2015; notwithstanding, gave us the name and number of another person who might have the capacity to have it moved 3/31/2015. They were correct and when I called them to say thanks to them furthermore let them realize that one of the organizations that they alluded to us was going to do it they were upbeat for us - TRULY HAPPY FOR US. Today, I have been doing some examining into CROSS STATE MOVING whose page gives a permit number and expresses that they are individuals from BBB - The number is NOT APPROVED by DOT and they are non-individuals from BBB due to their number of protests Stay away from CROSS STATE MOVING Pick DEVRIES MOVING PACKING AND STORAGE


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