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USDOT # 2015694
14928 19TH AVE W,
Lynnwood, WA 98087
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For near 10 years now, PMC has been eminent as one of Western Washington's best and most productively run nearby moving organizations. Set up by John A. Lutz and John J. Donoghue as low maintenance business while going to the University of Washington their diligent work, cordial identities, and solid meticulousness produced loads of buzz and developed PMC into what it is today – a home office with a distribution center situated in Lynnwood, WA; four armada trucks; 1,000+ moves yearly; and a large number of fulfilled customers who allude their companions, family, and associates with only gleaming audits. See our testimonials for more data.

So what is the key fixing, the refinement between PMC Moving and other privately based organizations? "When I got into this industry I simply kept over and again listening to the negative remarks about past movers from our customers saying they harmed my furniture, they took smoke breaks throughout the day, were rusty, appeared as though they were crisp out of prison and simply didn't appear to mind. It is these cliché remarks which has given the moving business the notorious terrible notoriety. Myself and John perceived the requirement for exceptional change in this industry and have taken a professional way to deal with an industrial industry. At last our main goal at PMC is to give the level of point of interest you would get amid a fine feasting knowledge. What's more, we let our work represent itself!"Click here for more data about PMC history and Staff Bios

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I contracted PMC in view of a suggestion from the helped living office in Bellevue, to which I was moving my mother. They could move her furniture and every last bit of her cases without prior warning, a few days. That was an extraordinary advantage. Their quote was sensible - inside of the scope of some Angie's List advancements from different movers. They were on time, well mannered, productive, and extraordinary to work with. They were exceptionally mindful to detail, wrapping and ensuring all edges of furniture. A student did break a light by error - I'm certain the organization will repay us. When they kept running into a few postponements at the helped living office, they didn't wind up charging us for that additional time. That is top of the line. I'd prescribe them, and would utilize them again without doubt.

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