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PUC # 1186062
9011 Stevenson Road ste A
Anacortes, WA 98221
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (360) 293-3224
Company Site: www.evergreentransfer.com

Moving with Evergreen Transfer & Storage


Crosswise over town, the nation over or abroad; wherever you are moving, Evergreen Transfer and Storage's quality administration appears in each move we make. Evergreen Transfer and Storage is a full-benefit mover with areas in Bremerton, WA and Anacortes, WA.

Our earnest longing to surpass our client's desires, combined with a solid hard working attitude, drives us to give our clients prevalent administration. While we'll never expel all the anxiety from moving, you'll feel significantly more alright with Evergreen Transfer and Storage at work.

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Totally ghastly. They stuffed and moved us and to say that we are not fulfilled is putting it mildly. We have procured movers some time recently, so we had certain desires, none of which were met. At the point when pressing our effects they sent a silly measure of individuals (six) over for an expanded timeframe, and from what we could tell they were not being extremely beneficial. They did things that did not bode well just to dawdle, (for example, taking books out of an overwhelming obligation tote and tossing them in a container). At the point when our stuff was conveyed subsequent to being away for a month we understood exactly how unpleasant of a vocation they did. The containers are marked so dubiously that we can't discover anything (think everything from the kitchen named dish sets, not skillet, flatware, machines, and so on, or everything from the upstairs named toys on the off chance that it was anything to do with the children, including garments). There are likewise arbitrary things put together in boxes and an a lot of harms because of inaccurate pressing. They additionally put away things in our cooler, which made then get rotten.

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From the principal telephone call to the fruition of the move, I was extremely satisfied with their administration. They were gracious, deferential, quick and effective. The two men who moved my things couldn't have been more pleasant. Much appreciated folks! I have as of now prescribed this support of my companions.

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