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Understanding the motivation of the client is authoritative for virtually all moving and storage companies, like those found at Regency Moving & Storage.
Each customer has unlike requirements for their relocation, which is why Regency Moving & Storage provides serving and moving company to come our adept to admit them.
Delay out our Regency Moving & Storage by reassessment below to take in what our clients are saying about Regency Moving & Storage.

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Bait and switch...Do not believe the assessment. They charged us more than $1000 more than the first quote. We bought the insurance and it was a joke. They broke our things and totally hosed us. They said that they are family owned and the same individuals will load and unload for you....Yep family owned if its the mob. What a racket. They do have the same individuals to unload plus the 4 other individuals that loaded the truck. Try not to trust this company.

They managed and were very slick with the hoist and were concerned in packing my cabinet for the lift. My appliances were blemished a little but only at the bottom. I thought the team showed that they could nail it well.
They were systematic in there team work. I would use this relocation business again.

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