Argus Transfer & Storage

PUC # 2810958
15461 Farm Creek Dr
Woodbridge, VA 22191
Contact Phone: (800) 283-3131
Additional Phone: (703) 690-2622
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Moving with Argus Transfer & Storage

By providing especially service to Argus Transfer & Storage supply sure serving to our customer as we attempt to fulfil all of our clients demands . To our clients, we need to conciliate the needs of our client home.
Argus Transfer & Storage can earn your relocation prosperous with services who may represent with you every footprint of the manner.
customers have besides disclosed to us that Argus Transfer & Storage is the most honorable in this area. Read our Argus Transfer & Storage reviews below for confirmation.

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My two movers were incredible. These folks were productive and inviting. Couldn't have requested much else from them. Much thanks!

I think that its odd that both Amanda and Ronald have precisely the same of the same moving company. I am a long-lasting continuous client of Yelp and am worried that the procedure has been permitted to be spoiled by evident one-sided untruths that have all the earmarks of being an individual grudge against a long-lasting locally family run business.

Summit has been the go to mover for various military families for a long time and keep running by Mr Bob Roberts with trustworthiness, uprightness and a theory of strong dedicated client administration. This is the legacy he exited with his child and grandson, who have the same energy for his business he did.

You need to be moved by an moving company that handles your things as though they were their own particular or their friends and family? Call Argus you won't be baffled!

i called the moving company and got a voice-mail. i cleared out a message about james carter's conduct not supposing i'd recover a call but rather i did. paul (?) was extremely conciliatory. he said he conversed with james carter exhorting him that conduct was inadmissible paying little mind to the circumstances. the call demonstrated to me that, at the very least, they do think about their notoriety. it ran far with me. given the brief reaction by the organization i would change my audit of the organization yet NOT of JAMES CARTER. there is truly NO EXCUSE for his conduct.

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