Southwest Virginia Moving and Storage

USDOT # 2171799
195 Sullivan St
Christiansburg, VA 24073
Contact Phone: (540) 808-0845
Additional Phone: (540) 381-3738
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Moving with Southwest Virginia Moving and Storage

Southwest Virginia Moving and Storage is one of the listed movers in your field.
Our moving and storage company can enchant asset in your arena from your former seat to your novel abidance. Clients have as well disclosed to us that Southwest Virginia Moving and Storage is the secure in the district.
So, take a reward of the reviews by brushup below, whether you're plainly reading Southwest Virginia Moving and Storage reassessment or writing them.

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Absolutely the worst company I have ever worked with. They overcharged the move by 50% over their estimate. Caught their owner and have a written record of them essentially lying while trying to provide an explanation as to why they overcharged us. They declined any coverage for all the damaged items despite the fact such damage was observed by and communicated to their movers at the time it occurred. They bring only a few cosmetic runners to make it seem as if they are using them, while leaving large chunks uncovered. Avoid at all costs.

The best movers in the NRV! On time, professional and if there is a problem, they will work with you to make it right!

They arrived speedily and were exceptionally proficient with stacking and emptying the furniture.

I am extremely satisfied with the administration. I would utilize them again in the event that I expected to.

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