Two Marines And A Truck

USDOT # 1830335
6021 Farrington Ave
Alexandria, VA 22304
Contact Phone: (202) 315-8865
Additional Phone: (703) 623-5288
Company Site:

Moving with Two Marines And A Truck

Two Marines And A Truck business is operating in the DC area. This moving services was contacted by Donald Rumsfeld to have there moving marines move their large homes locally. This story was moving news across the county, and marines moving service reviews well for its hard work. Listings a Truck business in todays market is no small task and the moving business has it challenges but they are helping returning military to get to work and be positive moving homes. Two Marines And A Truck moving company have also opened a Miami Metro oficce which provides moving services and employment for veterans. This company holds 18 trucks in its fleet.

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Sensibly estimated and made an incredible showing with regards to. Turned up on time, and moved rapidly. I have a rest number bed which is unpredictable to disassemble/setup, and they could manage it without any issues.

Did You Know

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QuestionThe interstate moving industry in the United States maintains regulation by the FMCSA, which is part of the USDOT.With only a small staff (fewer than 20 people) available to patrol hundreds of moving companies, enforcement is difficult.As a result of such a small staff, there arein many cases, no regulations that qualify moving companies as 'reliable'. Without this guarantee, it is difficult to a consumer to make a choice. Although, moving companies can provide and often display a DOT license.


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