Optimus Moving Services

USDOT # 2450900
PUC # 6767409
20615 Baron Bend Ln
Katy, TX 77449
Contact Phone: (281) 859-0909
Additional Phone: (832) 326-4582
Company Site: www.optimusmovingservices.com

Moving with Optimus Moving Services

Local and family owned moving company we are dedicated on making your home move perfect or apartment. Office moving is a breeze with the experience we bring and we make it as stress-free as possible. Most business comes from referrals. Word of month of the great job we do moving people at Optimus Moving. Let me tell you about our moving company through referrals, customers are telling their friends and family that we help them and this is the key to our success. All the trucks we use are fully equipped with toolboxes, moving blankets and shrink-wrap if needed to fully protect your belongings. We have fair pricing and we work hard for you.

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Family owned company and you can tell. In the last 4 years I've moved 4 times to get back to Houston and in our new home. Carlos and his team made the last move worry free and enjoyable. Everyone from the first phone call to thank you in the driveway was a constant professional. Thank you!

Awesome to work with. Carlos is a man of his word and with integrity which nowadays it's hard to find. I would absolutely use again and recommend.


By a wide margin the best move we have ever had! We very suggest Optimus. They have the blend of being productively quick and exceptionally watchful. They have a disposition of accommodation. We needed to make an additional stop to get a lounge area set, and they were glad. Normally it is uncomfortable to have movers around, yet the soul of support and polished skill made these folks particularly agreeable! I inquired as to whether they ever assisted with transporting littler bits of furniture since I will be grabbing a few things. He said they do, and I am cheerful that I have a competent, dependable moving company to contact later on. They're the best, and I have a tendency to be a specific client!

I profoundly prescribe Optimus Movers. They appeared on time, exceptionally glad to be there and did whatever I inquired. They were exceptionally watchful with the furniture, as well as not to harm walls,etc. I couldn't have been more satisfied. Great client administration. Very suggested. I had them move a 5000 sq ft house to a 4000 sq ft house and they did it all in one day. They were moving for 12 straight hours and dependably requested that consent utilize the restroom and did not blame at all. Indeed, even at last, when we were all depleted, they kept on setting things precisely where I inquired. Not one thing was harmed. I can't express my appreciation to these men. Exceptionally PROFESSIONAL! Their cost came in low contrasted with others and it was justified regardless of each Penney. 6 movers, 2 trucks, 2 outings and we all ate together. I adored these folks. You can not turn out badly with Juan Carlos. Call him. You won't be disillusioned.

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