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USDOT # 2095236
8950 West Park Drive
Houston, TX 77063
Contact Phone: (281) 682-8344
Additional Phone: (954) 825-9336
Company Site: Qualitymovingandservices.com

Moving with Quality Moving Services

Quality Moving Services provides indisputable services to our customer as we attempt to live up to our clients needs. Each client has unlike requisite for their , which is why Quality Moving Services provides divine service and mover to exercise our serious to suit them. Match out our Quality Moving Services by review article below to run into what our customers are saying about Quality Moving Services.

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If i could give ZERO stars i would. This company is shady. My husband who served in the US Army for 20 years and served 3 Iraq tours was treated like trash. Im located in houston and will follow him shortly to PA. My husband just retired from the military taking a job in PA from killeen tx. When the truck came to the house it wasnt big enough to hold all his stuff(mind you its just a 3bedroom house with only his stuff. Not alot of stuff) they had him sign a contract before hand then once his stuff didnt fit they made another contract saying its going to cost him $2500 than what was originally told. He was on a time schedule with starting his new job and just paid. Because the truck was too small he had to leave several large items behind. So why did they charge more when he couldnt take his stuff? The delivery was just as bad. They didnt show when they said they would, then the 18 wheeler couldnt fit down his road. So now he had to rent a uhaul. The driver bought his 18yr old son qith him who was all of 80lbs soaking wet. So my husband had to help these guys move his stuff from an 18wheeler to a uhaul truck and help move his own stuff. The trucker said to be honest im not even suppose to help you unload this to your uhaul? Over $4000 paying them then renting his own uhaul and moving his stuff?? Makes me sick to my stomach. I guarantee they havent heard the last from us! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

The guys were so fast and got to work as soon as they arrived. They also took great care of my things and made sure I knew exactly what was going on throughout the move. Again, I highly recommend using Quality Moving Services! They are great!

Straightforward. Professional. Guys were super fast and careful. Not to mention just all round nice guys. Accidentally I never confirmed the job, so they weren't planning to come. But I called them the morning of the move and they were very accommodating. I will definitely use these guys again.

A+++++. I recommend them to all my friends and will use them again the next time I move. Worth every penny and then some.

Actually a friend of mine used this company and was recommended to use it. I was very happy with the service provided to me. It was pure professional. Before booking with them, any questions I had, they would always help me. They reassured us by using text, phone and emails. It was a pleasure to move with them and I would definitely recommend them to other people as well.

I remember my bad experience with another company two years ago. About this time I was quite picky for choosing the company. These guys really worked well and there was no hidden cost and not even a single scratch to my luggage. This was quite impressive for me, because they came on time with full equipment and they deliver everything in good condition.

They were great, can't fault them at all. We've since moved again and used a same company and I am again very happy with there services,I believe they're very helpful, professional and time keepers. These guys work hard through out the day and completed job with zero damages. Ofcourse if I moved again in the future I will used this company again and I will recommend this company to all my family and friends who are looking to move in future

They took the stress out of moving, beat all the other quotes I got, there was no hidden charges as they charge buy the move not the hour. Really fast they only took 35 minutes to clear my second floor one bed flat and they had no problem with multiple pickups ,they were also fast unloading only took 30 mins, they were really friendly and very careful not to damage anything . Would recommend

Good, helpful communication via email and text kept us informed at every stage and any queries were quickly answered. Prompt arrival and delivery with careful packing and unpacking. During a stressful time we couldn't have asked for a better or smoother experience.

He provided a well priced service and delivery was prompt, reliable and extremely efficient with loading and unloading being completed in a very short time. He's a very nice guy too and I would definitely recommend and will be using his service again!

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