Deseret Forwarding International

USDOT # 2972368
4105 Rio Bravo St Ste 100
El Paso, TX 79902
El Paso
Contact Phone: (915) 615-0802
Additional Phone: (915) 778-0861
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We as a moving company are designed to do forwarding and are a international household goods move experts. fill in a quote so you can get started.

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This company stole so much from me when they moved me and my family overseas, literally several hundred dollars worth of items. This included work related items I need as soon as I arrived overseas but could not produce because it was stolen. I filed a claim and was told that it was not on the inventory sheet so it did not exist. The inventory sheet is almost impossible to keep track of ever single item. Also when it arrived I realized that a lot of the boxed had double inventory numbers, which made it even more realistic that I had been robbed. The worst part for me was that I gave the workers a lot of free things that were where not taking over seas that I could have easily got money for, and they still stole from me and my family. I do not recommend this company at all.

Group are taking better than average consideration of our stuff! They had some truly smart answers for our unloaded stuff and assumed control over the pressing when we came up short on steam and boxes.

They were exceptionally decent and well disposed and took extraordinary consideration of our floors as well!

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