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Moving with Fine Line Relocation

Fine Line Relocation will append servicing to our clientel as we endeavor to converge our clients demands.
Fine Line Relocation can transport your property in your new residence from your former to your stain young property.
Then, take a reward of the reviews by critical review below, whether you're just reading Fine Line Relocation revue or writing them.

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Please do not use this moving service. They were 5 hours late for pickup. They should have around between 6-9am in the morning but arrived past 1 am instead. We had to drive across country the same day with three kids and a dog so time was of essence to us. Once the movers arrived, the boss supposedly calculates all of your boxes, furniture, etc. We had more boxes than expected so we knew our move would cost a tad bit more than the quote. However, the mover calculated our move to cost double the original quote. I couldn't figure out how it was possible until I realized, all too late, that they overcharged us for the cubic feet. The mover charged 4.5 cubic feet for all of our boxes rather than charging for their actual cubic feet! Some boxes were x-small, small and medium. So, the cubic feet should have corresponded.
At pickup, the mover gave me an ultimatum: either pay double the original quote or pay him $300 cash under the table and he will give me a base (label) rate for the move.

Of course, we were stressed out with the kids and the movers were so late. We really needed to get on the road and the mover took advantage of that. We withdrew $300 cash and gave it to him so that he would charge us a base rate. The mover acted like he was giving us a special deal and his intent was to take advantage of us.

Our delivery took longer than 21 days to arrive.

Upon delivery, our TV stand was broken and Versace china set had a few plates broken. Our other furniture was scratched up a bit. You have to fill out a claim form that is very lengthy and time consuming, difficult process if any of your items are broken or damaged.

I emailed and called the moving company several times concerning the ultimatum that was given to us. One representative, named Carmen, told me in e-mail that if I send her back some sort of proof that her company would cut us a check for the loss. The only proof I had was the withdrawal receipt corresponding to day and time of move. This proof wasn't enough for Fine Line Relocation.

This morning, I left a voicemail because its hard to get someone on the phone first try. I did receive a call back. The rep. verbatim said, " Who in their right mind would pay cash under the table and not call our office instead to report the incident?" She then continued to insult my intelligence in a similar matter in a loud tone and voice. I hung up.

Please, save yourself the trouble and deal with another company. The original estimate might sound good but once the drivers arrive to pick up your move, you have to be really experienced in moves and know what you are doing in order to not be taken advantage of.

WORST company in the world!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! They are completely unprofessional and will change the cost the day of pickup! They gave us a date when they are coming and the truck supposedly "broke down" and took a week to fix. Then when they did arrive they made excuses to why they couldn't get the truck into the parking lot. So they wanted us to call the company and get another truck, which is an additional $400. So we are getting a storage and have to find someone else to move our stuff into our place and pay them and pay to rent a truck.

They are, so far, 6 weeks late delivering my mother's items and she doesn't even have a delivery date yet! They don't return her calls. I called from a different number caught them on the phone and they say they don't know when they will be able to deliver her items. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Fine Line Relocation is the worst moving company I have ever worked with. Their customer service is terrible, they are very un-professional and anything that could go wrong with a move has gone wrong. We are still waiting on our belongings they no one can give me a straight answer or location on where the movers are. I WOULD NOT recommend this company to anyone. FIND SOMEONE ELSE.

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