K.C. Salley Van & Storage

1201 S Padre Island Dr
Corpus Christi, TX 78416
Corpus Christi
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (713) 939-1448
Company Site: www.kcsalley.com

Moving with K.C. Salley Van & Storage

KC Salley Van Storage has been at it for more than 3 years now, delivering customers to their destinations with top notch service and a few employees which are treated as family to help with customer service along the way.

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K.C. Salley Van & Storage grabbed a bed for me from Napa that I purchased off Craigslist. They conveyed the installment to the Craigslist dealer (who just acknowledged money) and did an essential review (for cigarette smells) of the thing before they stacked it up. This spared me an outing to Napa. When it was conveyed, the fellas re-amassed it and put it precisely where I required it. When I booked with Jesse, he said that if the movers need to dismantle to get it into the truck, they will reassemble when they arrive. This moving company was prescribed to me by a companion who trashes/reusing pulling and I'm happy I can now let them know that everything went well.

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