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Moving with Muscle Man Moving & Moving Piano Experts

Have you ever tried to lift a piano? Let’s hope not, because doing so could hurt both yourself AND this valuable instrument. Even the smallest types of pianos—tiny upright ones—can weigh 300 or 400 pounds. Larger upright pianos can weigh even more than that (close to a thousand pounds!), and grand pianos? Those things can clock in at 1200 pounds. These instruments, despite their grandiose size and weight, are incredibly delicate and must be treated with the utmost care to prevent damage. When you’re moving a piano, you must make every move with precision in order to keep the instrument intact with no scratches or internal defects. This task can prove to be a lot more strenuous than you might imagine, especially coupled with all the other responsibilities that having to move your home or business can present.

If you’ve moved with a piano before, you know how intensive the process can be. Even if you’ve never relocated while owning a piano, you know that this instrument requires its own set of movers to not only preserve its quality but not injure anyone who tries to lift it without the proper equipment. Think back to when you originally purchased it. You didn’t simply buy it from a store and take it right home in your vehicle; you had a special team of delivery specialists bring it to you. Relocation with a piano is no different. Special measures must be taken and certain pieces of equipment must be used to ensure the quality of your instrument throughout the process.

With Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts, you won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to the relocation of your piano. Everyone on the highly skilled team at Muscle Man Moving understands all the nuances of having to move a piano, whether it’s a smaller upright model or a full grand piano, and everything in between. The Muscle Man Piano Experts have years of on-the-job expertise and can get your piano moved with speed and excellence. Their attention to detail is meticulous, so your instrument will arrive at its destination in the exact same care to which it was trusted to the Muscle Man Moving Experts.

Can the Muscle Man Moving Experts handle other types of relocations, even without a piano? Absolutely! This is a full service moving company designed to be a one-stop-shop for all its customers in Austin, and all throughout Texas. The Muscle Man Moving Company can handle all levels of residential and commercial moving, be it local within the Austin area or long-distance. This team is equipped with the muscle and the tools to move just about anything: from the usual household furniture to even large and bulky items like pool tables and hot tubs. This team is throughly trained to be able to move anything and everything, so when you have the Muscle Man Movers take over your move, you don’t have to worry that anything will be too heavy or large for them.

If you’re still on the fence about who to choose for your move in the Austin area (or anywhere in the state of Texas), the answer is simple: Muscle Man Moving & Piano. They are the experts when it comes to everything related to moving heavy objects during your relocation from Point A to Point B, so make sure that when you’re in the market for professional movers with the experience and reviews that speak for themselves.

You can contact Muscle Man Moving at (512) 284-0183, or visit them online at In addition to seeing the full repertoire of moving services on offer, you can view their pricing schedule, and you can also input your information to receive a tailored quote for the moving services you need. With Muscle Man Moving, you can sit back, relax, and let the Muscle Men handle all the heavy lifting of your move for you.

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Michael took care of our call, gauge, and all around coordination of the move of a family 1959 Steinway and Sons child amazing piano from Austin to Houston. He was an outright joy to work with and also understanding. It was being moved from my little girl's grandma's home to our own. Her grandma has serious dementia and everybody feared the response if she somehow managed to see the move. Michael saw totally and suited the timing prerequisite. DJ and Ruben conveyed and set up the piano with extraordinary consideration. We tipped them for the fabulous administration. These folks were proficient and minding. Much thanks to you.

These folks are awesome! Muscle Man moved us twice in the most recent year and both moves went easily, including moving our upright piano up a flight of stairs. Amicable and proficient, both groups made a great showing! I would profoundly suggest Muscle man for you next move.

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