Oversize Parcel Service Inc

USDOT # 614508
5780 Buell St
Talbott, TN 37877
Contact Phone: (866) 780-9101
Additional Phone: (423) 587-3566
Company Site: www.oversizeparcel.com

Moving with Oversize Parcel Service Inc

Oversize Parcel Service has decades of experience when it comes to moving. We perform specialized packing and moving, including transporting antique furniture, pianos, computer equipment, and all of your hard-to-move items. However, what makes us special is not how many moves we have performed, nor how many household goods we have packed and moved, but rather it is the exceptional treatment of our customers. We realize that customer satisfaction is the number one priority. Keeping customers happy and satisfied is what keeps you coming back, and why you will be referring us to all your friends.

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Appalling administration. They will get the thing and will never get back to you for 2 months or somewhere in the vicinity. They continue exchanging you to one individual to another. They don't merit one star either. They made a point to harm every one of the crates. I am almost certain a few things are "Absent". Kindly don't commit the error of picking these movers. Never had such a wasteful administration from any other individual before.

I've been utilizing PMAP for a long time and get several packages a year through them. This incorporates numerous packages amid the insane the day after Thanksgiving and christmas crunch. Every time I go there, I find that they have numerous staff available so there is normally no hold up, amid the bustling times to take care of business. They've had the same staff for quite a while, so the countenances are well known. I've never had a package lost, and am ready to lift my bundle up immediately when I get the helpful PMAP notice by means of email.

I'm exceptionally content with the enhancements made throughout the years, and anticipate proceeding with business with them. I've additionally looked and observe their rates to be aggressive with alternate moving company in Blaine.

I need to say - while I miss their administration for individual purchasers (such as me!!), I never got an opportunity to compose this audit, so figured, preferable late over never!... Package was SUCH a marvelous (mysterious, to be completely forthright) encounter. As an exceptionally bustling individual who simply has zero time to stress over being home, and as somebody who wouldn't like to need to trust that my bundle won't be left for one of my shady neighbors to take, Parcel was an immense help + distinct advantage.

I saw that their administration is currently on the business-confronting side... I'm genuinely considering turning into a client of one of those administrations (such as Plated) JUST so I can get the astounding background of Parcel once more!

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