The Green Truck

USDOT # 2176065
Nashville, TN 37207
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Moving with The Green Truck

In April of 2010, three long-time friends and college roommates launched The Green Truck Moving & Storage. Owned and operated by Tennessee State University graduates, Emanuel Reed, Clinton Gray, and Derrick Moore, The Green Truck Moving & Storage was the first eco-friendly moving company in Middle Tennessee. We are committed to keeping Tennessee green and building relationships in the Nashville communities through sustainability efforts and community service.

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This is by a long shot the BEST moving organization here in Nashville - undoubtedly my FAVORITE that we have ever utilized! We have moved a few times in the course of the most recent couple of years and have utilized a few diverse surely understood organizations. This previous weekend we moved into our first home and at the solicitation of a companion chose to run with Green Truck Moving Company. i had dependably been interested about them, yet had not by any stretch of the imagination heard numerous surveys, keeping in mind this is not frequently a hindrance for me, with regards to moving, its sufficiently distressing as it is so I concede that I do ordinarily pick those organizations that I have heard more about. All things considered, after this move, I plan to ensure everybody I know catches wind of Green Truck Moving Co. what's more, that they were so extraordinary to us.

I will totally allude each and every individual I know not organization! They are so quick and productive, I can't see how they moved us so rapidly!!!

Not just was their group of movers quick, they likewise had AMAZING states of mind the whole time! They wrapped up our furniture and covered entryways to keep from getting harmed. Such incredible folks!!!

The client administration is likewise astounding via telephone!!! Gem is the best, and I'm certain whatever is left of the in office group must be also!!! YAYYYYYYY!!! They even called us amid the move to check in and perceive how everything was going!!

Love this company!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYYAYYY!!!!!!!

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