Parker Transfer and Storage, Inc

USDOT # 945
1700 N F Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Sioux Falls
South Dakota
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Additional Phone: (605) 336-3118
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Moving with Parker Transfer and Storage, Inc

Understanding the motive of the customer is authoritative for most all movers, like here at Parker Transfer and Storage, Inc.
Parker Transfer and Storage, Inc can send your property in your your new home from your old property to your stigma newly situation.
Ensure out our Parker Transfer and Storage, Inc by reappraisal below to control what our customers are saying about Parker Transfer and Storage, Inc.

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Absolutely great experience! Top notch service from beginning to end. I had to get some stuff moved out of my house so it would show better, they picked up all my "junk", stored it until my house sold, then moved the rest of my stuff along with the items in storage to my new place all with ease. Tom, Mike and the rest of the guys are the best of the best. They worked around my schedule and made my moving experience so much less stressful. Thanks again for all the great work and great service, couldn't have asked for anything better!

Would utilize them again instant...

Extraordinary occupation, so careful...I included a wide range of additional time and activities for them to do and the bill was extremely sensible.

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