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The history of Brookings South Dakota began in 1857 when a pioneer set out for the Dakota Territory. His first destination was at Sioux Falls with his group which was represented as the Western Town Company. After rising to a high position in the area, he was able to be in charge of creating a road that led into the territory, allowing people to come in and out easily, thus making it easier for the territory to be settled. Soon after, railroads were created around the area, allowing the town to gain more resources such as wood to help build housing and other structures. Today, most of the economic growth and employment is due to the South Dakota State University, Daktronics, 3M and Larson Manufacturing. The climate in the area experiences a good amount of humidity with warm, humid summers and cold dry winters. The museums in Brookings include the Children's Museum of South Dakota, the South Dakota Art Museum, the Brookings Residential Historic District & Urban Arboretum. These areas are great places for learning new things about science, art and nature. Many areas for shopping are spread throughout the city. The notable shops in the city include antique shops such as 3rd & Main Antiques and Antique Gallery Mall. If you are interested in moving to Brookings, South Dakota you can contact us by email or by calling our number listed on our website. The list above contains all of our best movers in the area. By getting in touch with us, you are able to make sure that you have a fast and efficient moving experience. All your things from your old home will be moved to your new home at an affordable price. Here at Moving Authority, we take moving your things seriously and will stop at nothing to get you the move that you need.
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