Nilson Van & Storage

16 S Pike E
Sumter, SC 29150
South Carolina
Contact Phone: (800) 845-2682
Additional Phone: (803) 773-9119
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Moving with Nilson Van & Storage

For over 70 years, Nilson Van & Storage has provided its expertise to individuals, organizations, and businesses. Through the years, we have streamlined our methods to deliver the most efficient methods of packing, moving, and storage to our customers.
Back in 1938, we began in South Carolina with two trucks and $500 of startup money. Through focusing on quality customer service and from the dedicated hard work of our employees over the years, we have expanded our reach quite a bit since then. Our services now cover any national destination as well as those in over 160 countries throughout the world. We still stay true to the core values that led us to success, and continue to offer the same high quality service as we did on day one.
We specialize in moving, whether it’s for individuals, businesses, or members of the military, and continue to build on our years of experience. So whatever the move and however far, we will treat you right and get the best job done.

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This is an extraordinary gathering of individuals !!!!! I will utilize them again extremely proficient . what's more, quick! Call them Best in the territory

Seldom do I compose audits. However for this situation I feel the desperation to caution others from utilizing this organization. On the off chance that you are considering utilizing them or if your organization is demanding that they are a piece of the migration process, request a change of organizations. This has been by a long shot the WORST moving knowledge of my life!! We as of late migrated from Sumter, SC to Seneca, SC (3 hours northwest). Tragically I was not able be at the house amid moving time because of staying at the new house with our creatures. So my spouse stayed behind. He would have watched them in the event that he didn't wind up packing up a large portion of the carport!! Ummm I suspected that is the thing that movers are for?

Be careful Military! I simply left the region to go to Hawaii and some of my stuff was harmed in the move. Furniture that was not harmed already. On Nilsons printed material, they expressed that all my furniture was harmed gouged, and scratched. I assume they do this so they don't need to pay when it gets to the accompanying obligation station. Claimed sums are based upon past harms. Such a messy thing to do! Painstakingly, take a gander at the research material they give you. They compose messy so you cannot see they denoted every one of your things already harmed. Never again.

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