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511 N Pike E
Sumter, SC 29153
South Carolina
Contact Phone: (803) 773-8340
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Moving with Coleman American Moving Services

As movers since 1914, Coleman Allied has an expertise in transportation and storage services that is unequaled by other moving companies. At Coleman Allied we coordinate local, long distance and international moves that incorporate all the necessary moving services to best serve your individual move. In addition, we offer our commercial clients a wide array of specialized transportation services for high-value products. We are committed to safe, simple moving experiences for families, businesses and employees.

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They were quick and cautious in doing their occupation, secured the furniture with covers. They don't squander whenever, which is awesome and there are no curve balls. Tip is normal a the end of the employment. I recommend them.

I utilized Coleman three weeks prior for an around the local area move. I found all parts of their support of be past my desires. Their client administration is well disposed and knowledgable. They were immediate, solid, and cautious. The group of movers was proficient and went well beyond, not giving me a chance to convey significantly lighter weight things. Significantly more, the last cost ended up being not exactly the underlying assessment. This association is a model of incredible client administration and I would not delay to utilize their administrations again or to allude them to others.

I utilized this moving company to move from San Diego to Texas. The correspondence was brilliant before paying and making the arrangement, yet after the conveyance is conveyed and installment is made, the superbness and expert conduct stops. I had an issue with being charged for boxes that I never recieved for my TVs and sleeping pads. The sum was more than 200 for these crates. My 55 inch TV was wrapped in a cover rather and fortunately it arrived securely. Be that as it may, one of my container springs ( which is an exceptionally decent tempurpedic) has an earth stain on the edge which would have been anticipated in the event that it was stuffed like guaranteed by the salesperson. I accuse the sales representative for this as he ought to have conveyed the cases required for the shipment. The driver ( Eric) and his aide made an incredible showing stacking and emptying. I would exceedingly suggest this driver as he made an awesome showing and merits 5 stars. Not all that cheerful about not accepting my credit due by the sales representative or office individual.

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