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Myrtle Beach
South Carolina
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Moving with Coastal Storage and Moving

Coastal Transfer & Storage a family owned and operated moving, packing and storage service, dedicated to providing the services you expect and deserve.

Located in Georgetown South Carolina, the heart of the Grand Strand and Coastal South Carolina. We take pride in knowing that the thousands of customers who have used our services always recommend us to their friends, neighbors and business associates. But what humbles us most is that when they need moving or storage services again they never hesitate to call on us.
We are not limited in our service area, we have a history of moving our clients within any area of the Carolinas as well as a large percentage of moves over thousands of miles.
Using the links above and throughout our site hopefully you will find the information you need to help you plan your move. As you read and review this information if there are any questions we have not answered please do not hesitate to contact us. Our service begins before any commitment and continues long after we have satisfied your exacting demands.

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I've moved 11 times in the last 30 years and used storage twice. My storage experience and move with Coastal Transfer & Storage was absolutely the best experience ever! I completely trust this wonderful family-owned business and I highly recommend them for your next move. All I can say after my experience is they are outstanding and worth every penny!

I moved around two weeks prior (nearby) and Coastal helped me with this move. I had two of their folks with me from 8-4:30 that day. I would not waver to prescribe them to anybody that required skillful, obliging, solid movers. My furniture is overwhelming and the two respectable men took care of effortlessly. They were unimaginably agreeable and tried to put the furniture precisely where I needed it. I would utilize them again instant for another neighborhood move or crosscountry

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