Boone's Moving & Storage, Inc

1 Holliday Parkway
Tipton, PA 16684
Contact Phone: (814) 684-5719
Additional Phone: (814) 684-5719
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Boone's Moving & Storage, Inc supplies positive help to our clients as we attempt to fill our customer demands.
Our moving and storage company can carry assets in your arena from your former post to your freshly residence. Have likewise disclosed to us that Boone's Moving & Storage, Inc is the practiced in the territory.
customers have likewise disclosed to us that Boone's Moving & Storage, Inc is the most safe in this area. Study our Boone's Moving & Storage, Inc reviews below for substantiation.

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They went ahead time and worked each moment. We requested 3 men for our one room loft and they were done in 3.5 hours. They were truly quick and expert. The cost was sensible and 85 dollars for every hour for three individuals and obviously you ought to tip them, as well. I unquestionably prescribe them.

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