Pennsylvania L.A. Lewis, Inc

2401 Luzerne St
Scranton, PA 18504-2359
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Additional Phone: (570) 346-5749
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Pennsylvania L.A. Lewis, Inc is one of the listed services in your field.
Each customer has unlike requirement for their relocation, which is why Pennsylvania L.A. Lewis, Inc provides services and moving companies to perform our secure to reconcile them.
Pennsylvania L.A. Lewis, Inc can require precaution of your moving motive, fair scan the critical review below.

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I chose to attempt this moving in the wake of perusing positive surveys and they unquestionably satisfied their evaluations! Booking was simple and the appraisal I was furnished with at the season of planning wound up being precisely what I was charged. The movers arrived precisely on time, were proficient, well mannered, and learned about how to store, amass, and dismantle old fashioned furniture. They worked truly rapidly and made a general awesome showing. I very prescribe this moving moving company and would completely utilize them later on myself!!

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