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USDOT # 38219
Water & Prospect STS
Pottsville, PA 17901
Contact Phone: (570) 622-3323
Additional Phone:
Company Site: www.pottsvillemoving.com

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POTTSVILLE MOVING REVIEWS will render servicing to our clientel as we endeavor to meet our customers wants.
Our can carry asset in your region from your former post to your young residence. Have as well disclosed to us that POTTSVILLE MOVING REVIEWS is the effective in the territorial dominion.
clients have told us POTTSVILLE MOVING REVIEWS is in the domain and our POTTSVILLE MOVING REVIEWS reviews below reflect informative comments.

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POTTSVILLE MOVING were capable and very much arranged, helping me pack up my delicate china and making me feel great and safe the whole course through.

They were spot on time, and as a result of the estimation of the amount of stuff I had, they were willing to return and do it at the marked down which was better than average. They were great at pressing the stuff and they could store the stuff. I don't know how they'll be getting the stuff from capacity, yet at this moment they're taking care of everything great.

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