Allegheny Valley Transfer

USDOT # 376847
1512 Lebanon Church Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Contact Phone: (412) 653-1200
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Moving with Allegheny Valley Transfer

Allegheny Valley Transfer supplies certain help to our clients as we attempt to fulfill our customer wants.
Each customer has different requisite for their , which is why Allegheny Valley Transfer provides serve and movers to practice our intimately to adapt them.
clients have besides disclosed to us that Allegheny Valley Transfer is the most effective in this territory. Study our Allegheny Valley Transfer reviews below for verification.

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Maintain a strategic distance from no matter what. These folks either can't read or couldn't care sufficiently less to put the right boxes in the right rooms. They worked at a snail's pace until the end of the day when they were truly running with the crates to complete it and "go get their check." They should put the overnight boardinghouses back together, we needed to remain over them to complete portion of it. Since everything except one of the team left before the furniture get together started, it took quite a while. The vast majority of the team were sensibly warm, however Garrett had state of mind to save. Managing Allegheny Valley Transfer Company effectively made this our most noticeably awful moving company move of numerous.

Beware....this moving company. Various issues in the middle of proprietor and driver F. Miscommunication and deception to us, the client. The driver F strolled off our employment - my spouse and I worked more than 6 hours to team complete the occupation before the house shutting and stroll through the next morning.

Proprietor deceived us on various events about value; fitting a tractor trailer in our carport; poor correspondence with her laborers; put our stuff in a capacity unit and never exhorted it was not secured. Absence of expert and obligation of the driver/of tract trailer with a turbulent temper. Various (48+) broken things of serving dishes; dishes; glasses; statues; scratched and scratched furniture. The proprietor does not assume liability for her driver's conduct or activities. It was a bad dream

The proprietor states she is an agent of Allied Moving Company however when you call them they say she doesn't enroll her printed material with them.

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