Parks Van & Storage

USDOT # 46028
1001 S 14th St
Harrisburg, PA 17104
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Additional Phone: (717) 232-2100
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Moving with Parks Van & Storage

Parks has existed for four whole generations and has been family operated the entire time. In the beginnign they served customers simply as a local truck moving company. Mostly they helped railroad stations to organize and distribute locally. Now they work within the enitre United States and their isn't a type of move they can't handle.

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Disorganized, total disregard to our goods, very little care taken, stuff not labeled properly for inventory, we were unable to check the inventory as it came off the truck for delivery. Missing goods with no apparent effort made to locate the missing goods. Worst moving experience we have had out of more than 15 moves, including a coast-to-coast. Stay away from this company. If you have a corporate relo, simply refuse to use them and insist on another company. HORRENDOUS across the board.

We as of late moved from Beaver to Annandale ,Va. Park Moving was the moving company we used to move us. The move was basically stretch free. Gary was Park's business rep for our turn and he was great. He ran over everything with us ,gave all subtle elements of the move ,kept an eye on us while we pressed our belongings,gave us additional boxes , went to the house the day we moved and even brought doughnuts, what a pleasant touch. The men that stuffed the truck Paul,Larry Jay and Jake were exceptional. They were exceptionally watchful with our sold house ,our furniture and all our stuffed things. In Virginia our assets arrived when Paul said they would. The men who emptied the truck were Paul, Larry, Robert and Donte. These men worked relentless , were exceptionally watchful with everything,and did anything you asked of them. All things considered we couldn't have had a superior affair than with Park Moving and would profoundly suggest them for any move you may have. Much obliged to all of you for being an incredible gathering of individuals to work with and going the additional mile in ensuring our furniture and assets and truly no harm.


Mike and Linda P once in the past of Beaver,Pa

I have utilized Parks amid 2 moves now and my latest experience was sufficiently negative that I feel committed to compose a survey. Ideally planned clients will gain from my experience.

Amid my latest move from Pennsylvania to Illinois, I called Parks to get a citation to pack, transport, and unload my things. I got a value that was somewhat higher than I expected yet in my extent so I felt free to gave them the approval to finish the move.

Pressing was uneventful, no issues. Transport was fine, it took a couple of days longer to get my crates to Illinois than I expected yet that is not a major issue.

The greatest issue came amid emptying/unloading of my things. The movers arrived and could empty the truck without any issues. Be that as it may, they cleared out without helping me to unload the containers. I was amazed by that since it was clear to me that was this was incorporated into the cost. Truth be told, I purchased every one of them lunch and there was roughly a half hour between the time that the truck was emptied and the lunch arrived. I utilized that opportunity to start unloading boxes and the movers sat on my back patio and watched recordings on their telephones as opposed to offering to offer me some assistance with unpacking the cases. When lunch arrived, they ate the nourishment and left rapidly.

I've attempted different times to redress the circumstance with Parks and given them abundant chance to return to the value I paid (since I didn't get the administration I required) however they have demonstrated no hobby and, indeed, castigated me for specifying to them that I'd give a poor audit on the Customer Service review since it would affect their rewards.

I don't plan to utilize Parks again and I'd suggest you look somewhere else before working with them.

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