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19380 Meyers Rd
Oregan City, OR 97045
Oregon City
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Moving with Priority Moving

The thought of Priority Moving was started with only six moving blankets a fantasy that the most abnormal amount of client administration and a world class expertise set could change the moving business. From that point forward our accentuation on client administration has earned us an extremely committed client base. We comprehend that moving could be extremely difficulty—it's one of those huge changes in life created by an assortment of reasons. When you call a moving service, you are believing the greater part of your property and resources being taken care of by a mover. That is the reason at Priority Moving, we make it simple on you by giving client administration and quality you can depend on. Our movers are friendly, aware, and watchful. In the uncommon occasion of harms, we deal with your case immediately so you can continue existence with no stresses.
Our promise to consumer loyalty and joy brings us honors a seemingly endless amount of time. We would prefer not to be the greatest moving organization around, we simply need to be the best in the area bar none.

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I just completed my second move in two years with Priority Moving. I absolutely HATE moving, but they made it almost painless. Josh and Jack were amazing, as usual – they work quickly and efficiently, but also carefully. Their professionalism and consideration are impressive. Words alone cannot describe my appreciation for everything Josh and Jack have done for me in these stressful moves, and I highly recommend them.

To make a long story short it's a SCAM. This is not a genuine company. I'm at fault for dawdling yet they're simply awful people.

For my situation they didn't appear by any stretch of the imagination, and afterward the following day let me know they wouldn't discount my store. The lady on the telephone didn't have an intelligent clarification, or a statement of regret, she simply said "stores are non-refundable." I was left holding up to move my stuff and did it without anyone's help the next day with a leased truck.

I needed to get my bank included to recover MY cash.

Additionally, please take note of that the positive surveys on here are fake and composed by them. The same name that gives a gleaming survey is utilized somewhere else.

Much obliged and good fortunes moving.

These folks dealt with me from beginning to end. Extremely proficient and exceptionally respectful individuals. The even set up my furniture and ensured they took as much time as is needed to get everything right. Would prescribe to anybody searching for a trust commendable moving administration.

My wife and I required a substantial strong wood dresser moved from the carport to the upstairs. Daniel and Nathan showed up expeditiously and moved the dresser without any issues. They were extremely affable, amenable, pleasant folks.
On the off chance that we ever require anything substantial moved again, or wind up moving to another house or loft, Priority Moving will be the primary ones we call!

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