Proud American Van Lines

USDOT # 2548754
1715 Indian Wood Circle # STE 200
Maumee, OH 43537
Contact Phone: (855) 767-4212
Additional Phone: (567) 316-2818
Company Site:

Moving with Proud American Van Lines

Proud American Van Lines stops at nothing to please its customers. Our home lines moving are the best in the industry, and we will not stop until we make it to the top of American lines moves. If you worry about the cost of van lines move your house, feel free to check out the article onhow much it cost to move a house. We're a team ofprofessional moverswho help you to complete your American moves. Whether you're planning to move local or to another state, we handle American van moving. Check out ourout of state moving checklist for a smooth move with Proud American Van Lines.

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AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! This place is just awful. Will do everything to reel you in but good luck getting ahold of your rep once they have your belongings. At this point, I just assume they are gone. AWFUL is not a strong enough word.

Agree with others - only hire this company if you get tons of insurance and want to replace your stuff. And you like paying more than double what they quoted. They charge up the hilt for tape and shrink wrap, charged me for cf that didn't exist, demand cash or postal MO. I just wish I had refused to pay at delivery. I could have bought new stuff for what they charged me. RUN!!! And yes, you will never ever hear from them after they have your money. I guess I should be grateful they did deliver most of my stuff.

Worst company to ever deal with! I have been waiting 3 weeks for them to deliver ! Do not use ! No one will call you back or answer your calls! I assume my stuff has been stolen at this point !

Run The opposite direction.
Do NOT hire these thieves.
you will be sorry.
I am contacting the DOT. to file federal criminal charges.

it has already cost me double estimate. i had to make two interstate trips to get my belongings that they refused to pick up. now they are holding my stuff hostage for more money and charging me for their breech of contract.

the Operatiins Manager Melvin is a lier and a thief with no way to contact.
he orommises anything just ti bypass the issue but theb changes it to cist the customer more.


Thanks David from Ga.

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