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Additional Phone: (614) 777-9090
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Moving with Planes Moving & Storage of Columbus

Imagine for a moment that you take an unexpected call from your boss; you’ve been offered a promotion! And yet…it’s on the other side of the country. You’ve got a full life in your current location: friends, family, favorite spots to hang out, and of course, a home full of your stuff. Moving to the other side of the nation would mean leaving all of that behind…except your stuff. That, of course, falls under the laborious task of having to be sorted, inventoried, wrapped, and packed. Then, there’s the hassle of unpacking it at your new destination. Having to walk away from your life and then also having to facilitate a move across the United States by yourself is overwhelming, but this opportunity for a promotion is one you’ve had your eye on for years.

Luckily, there’s a way to handle all of this and minimize the stress. When you find yourself staring down at a difficult relocation, you’ve got Planes Moving and Storage on your side. With Planes, professional expertise is just a phone call away. This team of passionate and dedicated workers has your back, no matter what type of move, near or far. North, east, south or west, this moving company can operate in any direction.

As a General Service Administration approved moving company and official Department of Defense approved carrier, Planes regularly handles military moves and honors the sacrifices the servicemen and servicewomen make for the United States. If you’re making a military move, be it across the country or even across the world, you can count on Planes to take your move seriously and handle the pressure so you don’t have to.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t just stop at military customers, though. All clients are treated with the utmost respect and appreciation, so you can be certain that choosing Planes as your moving company is a step in the right direction. Every year, the crew at Planes move countless jobs, all to the absolute satisfaction of their customers. With this moving company helping you out, you can conduct a residential move, have your office or business transferred to a new location, or even make use of their state-of-the-art storage facility.

Speaking of storage, when you are moving far away, you don’t have to try to sell all your extra stuff! Sometimes, your excess furniture or larger items can be difficult to sell in time, or can hold sentimental value to you. If you need a place to put some things so that you can minimize the load on your move, consider this option! Also, if you are permanently downsizing your home or business, yet don’t want to completely get rid of your extra stuff, this is the choice for you. The moving storage warehouse that Planes offers is fully alarmed and climate-controlled, meaning the things you decide to store will be kept safe from theft, mold, insects, extreme temperatures, and prying eyes.

Whether you are looking to make a move near or far, and regardless of the type of move, Planes is the full service moving company you need to magically evaporate the stress of having to relocate. Contacting Planes is incredibly simple: just give them a call at either (800) 543-4977 or (614) 777-9090. You can request a totally free and no-obligation quote to get an idea of how much your move will cost. Also, you can check out their website at for extra information about their services as well as their rating with verified moving resources. Additionally, reviews on Moving Authority from satisfied customers speak for themselves. What are you waiting for? Hop a Plane to an awesome move!

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Exceptionally baffled with my turn involvement with Planes. They didn't sufficient repair harm to furniture or harm to dividers and floors at both areas. A few things were missing and they would not repay because of thing check offs deficient. The driver did not clarify that I was waiving my entitlement to a case without the individual check offs.

The most noticeably bad moving company that I have ever been connected with gave them a number 1 appraised driver and needed to continually battle to get my cash then when I proceeded onward with a notice they expressed gratitude toward me by keeping my escrow cash THEY SUCK! Gracious and they don't have anything yet garbage trailers

Planes runs Best Priced Boxes from their Dividend Drive location and I went to explicitly attempt to get utilized boxes for my forthcoming move to SC. They had no utilized boxes as a part of the sizes I required when I went in, however gave me 10% off the new boxes. They likewise stacked the cases into my auto, and tossed in 3 moves of pressing tape and a 5lb heap of wrapping paper. Incredible administration!

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