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USDOT # 2897189
117 Anna Street Unit 15761
Cincinnati, OH 45215
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Additional Phone: (844) 398-9649
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I inflicted a mouse-inhabited storage unit, a third story walkup, and a tight schedule on these guys and they were amazing. Professional, quick, accommodating -- they made my move while I had an injured wrist into something really easy, and I appreciate it a lot.

Honest, reliable, dependable, efficient, careful with my goods, and really nice people to work with. I was very happy, not stressed out. I had used this Co several times before. This time I moved from one condo to another in the same building, but they took no shortcuts. The furniture was wrapped and protected the same as if we had moved 3000 miles. Would always use this Co again.

After hearing many horror stories about movers, I felt compelled to write this review. My experience with Presidential was fantastic!
Everything from start to finish went smoothly and I never had any issues. I highly recommend usingthem for any of your Moving needs.

My experience was not so cool with my previous mover, so I did some research before hiring them. This time I just kept faith on the reviews I read. I wanted to go with a professional mover; fortunately I think I found the one, Presidential. They provided excellent service for me from the beginning to end; everything was in line with my demand. They were not that type of guys who intentionally waste time to earn more money. Everything was quite fair including the charges. I am very happy on me as I took decision hiring this company! I defiantly recommend them to everyone and absolutely I am going to use them the next move.

It was just a wonderful experience, they did everything for me and I didn't have to do anything. They moved it and they put it in my apartment. That's pretty much it, it was a great experience I didn't do too much

Yap I must say that I got a big family but I got a small job by which I could hardly manage my household expenses. Last month we rented a new house. The actual barrier was to move everything there safely. I wanted to hire a company but then I thought it would be costly a lot. Then I contracted Presidential. They gave me some hope that they will arrange discount in my charge. They relocated everything without any damage. They also charged a little amount as they promised me. I am grateful to them

Presidential quoted really low,in fact theirs was the lowest among the bunch of moving companies I contacted. The delivery was made on time and nothing
was broken. They really showed a lot of care while moving my belongings.They packed up everything and loaded into their trucks very easily. They
were experienced. They maintained their schedule perfectly. They are dependable for sure.

I absolutely hated the idea of having to move since it creates so much unforeseen drama. But presidential made my move so easy.
I hired them after my friend suggested them. They took over all the responsibilities on their shoulders and did such a fine job. Their
administration was additionally great. They began taking inventories, wrapping every one of my effects and convey them outside to stack in their vans.
The entire procedure was extraordinary. I was happy with their administration and prescribe them to everybody to look at the organization.

They are so friendly and knowledgeable, they are able to answer all of your questions and are happy to do so, they keep you informed and come up with a great plan, they help you inventory everything and they handle all of your things with care. Basically, they know what they are doing and they make sure you, your family and your belongings are taken care of!

Great communication, very prompt. Quick and efficient and they were safe with our furniture. Overall great job. They carried heavy furniture for us that other companies weren't willing to move. The staff was very personable and friendly. I would hire them again and would definitely recommend them to anyone!

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